The Knick "Whiplash" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Halfway through The Knick’s handsome second season, I’m wondering if this is going anywhere. Where’s the drama? Thack’s addiction, work rivalry, romantic tension, Harriet’s plight, Cornelia’s investigation, even the threat of Algie being one of three doctors operating on the 124 victims of a subway excavation accident at the Knick fizzles out after a single worrisome moment. The biggest thing that happens in “Whiplash” is Barrow paying off his debt, and even that goes pretty much exactly how you’d expect (Barrow pays, Wu counts, there’s some ominous Orientalism). Where’s the surprise? Where’s the conflict? Where are the sparks? At this point in the first season, on top of the shock of the new, The Knick had delivered that impressionistic Algie fight scene. Season two has its showcase moments, like Algie’s aborted eye surgery and Elkins’ first sermon, but it’s tough to show off visually when there’s so little on the page.

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