10 Craziest Movies Myths (That Turned Out To Be True)


Everybody has heard one; some unbelievable story about a movie that couldn’t possibly be true. It could be about the ghost in Three Men And A Baby (untrue), that the hoverboards were real in Back To The Future Part II (also untrue) or that Richard Gere is a really big fan of gerbils (very untrue). There’s even the evergreen Walt Disney froze his head story. These myths are fun bits of movie trivia that very rarely turn out to be true. At best they might have elements of truth that became horribly distorted with each telling.

That said, every once in awhile one of these incredible myths will turn out to be true. The movie business is a crazy place so maybe this shouldn’t come as a shock, but some of these tales are so unlikely that they almost couldn’t be true. Yet here we are with a whole list of them.

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WizzroSupreme975d ago

I would give nearly anything to have been on a playground back in 1980 when kids were arguing over Darth Vader's reveal.