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7 Plots And Plot Devices That The DCU Needs To Avoid


It’s an exciting time to be a DC fan alright, but there are still a few things that DC needs to avoid when plotting its movies. Certain plot points, characters and happenings that really must avoided if the goal of a DCU is to get a chance to be fully realised. Some would be stumbling blocks, some could be universe killers, but all should be avoided if possible. Here’s how DC can give itself the best chance of success…

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WizzroSupreme975d ago

They can definitely avoid a love triangle between Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman at all costs. Each needs to be their own agent, at least at first.

Superman's got Lois after all, and Batman's quite possibly got the Batffleck universe's version of Catwoman. Meanwhile, we have Diana maybe hooking up with Chris Pine's character, if it's not otherwise more nuanced than a straight up romance.

I'd also like to see them skip Darkseid altogether and avoid the risk of the inevitable Apocalypse/Thanos comparison you know uninitiated movie goers are going to make. A great Brainiac would make a real threat to the entire JLA by himself. It'd be a big improvement over the big meathead that Snyder's Doomsday might very well end up as.

Porcelain_Chicken975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

Couldn't have said it better myself! Although I would like to see Darkseid. There's enough differences in the characters to make them unique, that and the fact that tone wise they aren't remotely close so the comparison wouldn't really be there, for the casuals at least.

You know the fans and fanboys alike are gonna have a field day with that though.

gamejediben974d ago

I don't know... I like Darkseid as a villain far more than Thanos and I really don't care if it might be confusing to certain viewers. They'll catch up. Darkseid is the original and I think it if he's done right, he'll be like a far more terrifying Darth Vader and more memorable than that big purple dumbass Thanos.

SarcasticDuck973d ago

my opinion (sorry for bad grammar):
7. Agreed! though I never liked any of them, a romance would make things worse.
6. Agreed! I think only Flash should play with those things, but his already playing with it on TV series.
5. Agreed! Putting the comparison with Thanos aside, if they face and defeat Darkseid early, what pretext will they have to have trouble against other guys ahead?
4. Green Lantern.
3. Superboy. Imagine Man of Steel 2, after credits, showing Luther looking at a container with a Superman clone! Stage set for Teen Titans movie!
2. Red Hood A.K.A Jason Todd confirmed.
1. Agreed! Let Marvel have the advance with their movies universe! Make the things right and it will be fine. (start from changing El Diablo and Deadshot's actors. El Diablo is a black guy and Floyd Lawton a white guy!)