7 Great “Passing Of The Torch” Moments In Movies


We all get old. It’s not something that people like to think about, but dammit we can’t hide from it. People get old and they die because that’s the just cruel game we inadvertently signed up for when we were born. All we can hope for is that once we’re gone, we’ve left behind a legacy that will carry on our memories for quite some time.

And since actors are people too (kind of), it’s reasonable for them to start considering their own legacies once they realise they might have more years in the rearview than on the road in front of them. This

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WizzroSupreme919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

I really adored the way they brought Nimoy's Spock into Abrams' Star Trek, especially in his first appearance. Into Darkness just left it feeling tacked on like most of its franchise fan-service.

I really hope that Stalone and Michael B. can get the right chemistry going in Creed, even if Rocky has to piggyback off of someone else's story to have another great film.