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AVClub: Five years ago, 33 men were pulled, one by one, out of a gold and copper mine in Chile after a mountain literally fell on them, stranding them several hundred meters underground for more than two months. The 33, the major motion picture that’s been made out of this extraordinary ordeal, arrives as a sort of buried-alive companion piece to The Martian—a nuts-and-bolts rescue mission during which the majority of the ensemble struggles to keep the faith against long-shot odds. Set in an Atacama Desert where everyone talks in English (a newscaster is the sole Spanish speaker), the movie certainly hasn’t been streamlined into The 7 or The 8. In addition to the few-dozen miners, led by “Super” Mario Sepúlveda (Antonio Banderas), The 33 spends significant time with the folks aboveground at Camp Hope, where the country’s telegenic minister of mining (Rodrigo Santoro) coordinates efforts to save those trapped by the cave-in, and a hotheaded maker of empanadas (Juliette Binoche), her partially estranged brother buried below, serves as a mouthpiece for the affected citizens of Copiapó.

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