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Modern Family "The More You Ignore Me" Review - AVClub

AVClub: For the most part, I enjoy when Modern Family has a voiceover at the end that puts a bow on the themes of the episode. I know that it’s kind of hacky and can be a crutch for the show, but there’s something about the earnest nature of it that gets me just about every time. Typically, the voiceover is used not just as a recap, but to also draw a bit of attention to the insights contained throughout the episode. Sometimes though, that voiceover just draws attention to the fact that little in the episode is really connected. “The More You Ignore Me” ends with Jay Pritchett musing on the power of tough love, on how being told he wasn’t good enough inspired him to work hard and succeed. It’s set over a montage of the entire family finding their own inspiration, but it’s hardly connected to the messy plots that come before it.

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