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Star Wars Rebels "Wings of the Master" Review - AVClub

AVClub: So it’s clear that Star Wars Rebels isn’t particularly interested in a long term arc or storyline, not at this point at least. The introduction of the Inquisitors–hell, Darth Vader’s arrival back in the season two intro–clearly isn’t an impetus for anything significant for the characters nor the growing Rebel Alliance. And that’s fine. The Star Wars Universe is nice and robust and open enough to tell all sorts of stories, which was The Clone Wars’ entire MO. Rebels, with its focus on a very specific set of characters, could really set itself apart by taking a hard look at its individuals and explore them as small cogs in a giant machine of intergalactic war. “Wings of the Master” tries to do this with Hera, the show’s best character, and it’s... fine, I guess.

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