Black-ish "Charlie in Charge" Review - AVClub

AVClub: For the past two seasons, Black-ish has been balancing itself between a traditional single-camera sitcom and a more absurd, outlandish almost-Adult Swim show. It keeps that balance intact by primarily focusing its absurdity to the office scenes, which occasionally dabble in what an actual advertising agency does. The winner of these scenes is usually Charlie, who Deon Cole plays with an energetic cluelessness that nevertheless suggests a fully-fleshed character beneath his ridiculousness. (It helps that he’s often hilarious, with a perfect face for comic reactions.) The thing is, characters like Charlie are best left along the sidelines as comic foils to the (relatively) more grounded characters. Having him be the star of good chunk of the episode is going to be a huge risk–either his antics will overwhelm the episode to an embarrassing degree, or it will elevate the episode by either revealing layers to the character, or forcing the cast to match his comic performance.

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