A GamerGate Movie Is In The Works

MWEB GameZone writes: "A movie about the GamerGate controversy is coming to the big screen next year. The proposed title is 'Control Alt Delete' and is based on the yet-to-be released book by Zoë Quinn. Here is what we know so far about the movie."

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SonZeRo857d ago

This will be a very biased movie.

Sillicur857d ago

Judging by her proposal description, I 100% agree :(

Dee_91857d ago

wow a movie about gamergate by anti gamer gaters smh

DesVader857d ago

Surely there are better things to make movies about...Like Fallout 4 :)

Soldierone857d ago

Man they just ruined that title. "Control Alt Dlt" could have been some cool hacker movie, or video game nerd movie, but instead it'll be this stupid thing.... ugh.

Hopefully the cow runs dry real fast and this book and movie bomb.

Stringerbell857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

A movie no one cares about covering a movement no one cares about. I predict razzies or a good rift track!

-Foxtrot857d ago

This is going to be so bias

Bet they don't care about the fact Zoe Quin brought it on her self along with the corrupt journalists.

If you sleep your way to the top and to get your "game" (seriously what she made, sorry what she got someone ELSE to make isn't even a game to me) out there what the hell did she expect if people found out.

Her and Anita have exploited the gaming industry for their own selfish, greedy needs and now she's made sure while being paid for a memoir of lies to be made into a movie that the gaming industry sis harmed even more

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The story is too old to be commented.