IGN Supernatural: "Our Little World" Review

Where to begin? Supernatural didn't pull any punches with "Our Little World." They found people, and they got answers. This rapid fire pace is refreshing. They're not stretching out the story nor does it feel like they're rushing it. The sequence of events is following a natural, speedy beat, and the result is Supernatural has me on the edge of my seat more than it has in a long time.

Amara was at the center of this week's revelations. Her relationship with Crowley was explored more before she shut him out, and it's intriguing to see Crowley act more human again. There's part of him that wants a connection. We saw it when he befriended Dean -- and both Crowley and Dean referenced their days of bromance -- and it's present again with Amara. Sure, he wants to have all her power at his disposal, but there's genuine concern there too. Crowley could simply have been an enforcer, but instead, he tried to be a father figure. Not all of it was about manipulating her, and that, in a way, was sweet. Almost touching. Crowley's still a badass, but I like knowing a soft spot remains.

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alycakes954d ago

Dean is just getting himself deeper and deeper into a hole by not telling Sam the truth about the Darkness and his connection to her.