Captain America: Civil War – 10 MCU Problems It Needs To Fix


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the outright most successful movie franchise of all time, grossing more than $9 billion since its inception in 2008. Its movies have largely been great – the likes of Iron Man, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man in particular have been fantastic – but the franchise isn’t without its flaws.

Things have happened that shouldn’t have happened, things haven’t happened that should have happened, glaring plot holes have been created and a lot of loose ends haven’t been tied up – and those kinks need ironing out.

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acemonkey977d ago

10. I dont really care. He might die during agent of shield if he doesnt... let him know he was an alien.
9. Nope its down keep it down ( in civil war the movie there will be some type of control)
8. there will always be hydra
7. i think they did say thor 3 will be tease at the end of civil war, so since hulk is tied into that movie im sure it will do so. ( but it dont bother me that much i know he will be back) In the comics the hulk left avengers at issue 3 and for awhile only came back when they truly need him

6. this isnt the Avengers vs Avengers movie people think, they will fight for whatever their fighting for but i doubt they will kill each other but i dont care if death happens in the movie. kill war machine lol
5. i dont mind it too much ( but age of ultron bad language joke was pissing me off)
4. i dont care about this one either bucky is down to be part of the team its all good.. Captain america let criminals that turn good into the avengers.
3. i guess they might add more characters besides black panther, agent 13, spiderman and i think wonderman will be in it.
2. we will never have an omg villain until thanos and the return of redskull but i enjoy zemo alot so ( plus i liked ultron alot in AoU)
1. something will happen