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Doctor Who "The Zygon Inversion" Review - AVClub

AVClub: The dirty little secret of Doctor Who is that it’s a show fascinated by the morality of war that has pretty much never had the budget to depict a war properly. There’s a reason the Doctor always seems to be going up against advance detachments or desperate last survivors or whatever else. When a big enemy army does show up, Doctor Who tends to just show the earliest stages of hostilities, before the carnage really begins. None of that need necessarily be a problem, especially when it fits with the Doctor we have gotten to know onscreen. Leaving aside whatever he may or may not have done during his unseen Time War adventures, the Doctor has never been one for leading armies into battle, and his great skill has always been a way to think and talk his way out of the kinds of situations from which others would only see a violent way out.

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