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Brooklyn Nine-Nine "Into the Woods" Review - AVClub

AVClub: In a lot of ways, Brooklyn Nine-Nine leads a charmed existence. That’s not to deny the strong work that goes into this series week to week, of course, but plenty of circumstances have given it a leg up. It debuted as its single-camera workplace ancestors The Office and Parks And Recreation were gone and winding down, respectively, and with the subsequent abandonment of NBC’s Make High-Quality Comedy Series and Keep Renewing Them strategy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is sort of the last network series standing following a certain playfully humane, not too-outlandish template. Of course, it follows it not on NBC but on Fox, where the good-comedy directive seems to remain in place. Fox seems even more willing to let well-reviewed shows with small but desirable audiences continue for at least a few years, which has allowed Brooklyn Nine-Nine to continue on its Parks And Recreation-ish path without much apparent interference. I’d also argue that, to a slight and generally non-bothersome degree, it allows the show to get just (as Gina might say) a “scootch” lazy in its utilization of familiar sitcom stories yoked to familiar (and sometimes too-easy) sitcom lessons.

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