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Gotham "Rise Of The Villains: Tonight's The Night" Review - AVClub

AVClub: I’m not even sure I recognize the Gotham of the last two weeks. If you had told me about halfway through last season that Barbara and Nygma would be the focus of two of the second season’s best episodes, I would have said you were loopier than Carol Kane’s performance as Mrs. Cobblepot. Such is the case with this season of Gotham though, as the wild swings in quality make for a frustrating, but sometimes intriguing experience in watching this show try to figure out what it is. It’s crazy to be saying that about a show when it’s nearing the halfway mark of its second season, but there’s really no other way to describe the week-to-week identity crisis. Gotham seems to be constantly tinkering with its formula, and while such a process ultimately sacrifices long-term narrative focus, it does make for the occasional episode of television that’s actually fun, in relative Gotham terms, of course.

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