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AVClub: There’s a scene three quarters of the way through “The Gift Of The Magi” that sums up Fargo’s peculiar strengths and weaknesses. Lou is in a men’s room with presidential candidate Ronald Reagan (Bruce Campbell), and the two men get to talking about the state of the world. Lou flat out says (after some stammering) that he’s worried the awfulness of everything has manifested itself in his wife as a cancer, and it’s the sort of overly direct, overly metaphorical kind of dialogue writing that’s hard not to cringe at. Patrick Wilson does his best to sell the line, but I’m not convinced that Lou would be this open with someone he barely knows, or that he’d think of his wife’s sickness in such oddly contrived terms.

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alycakes955d ago

I'm recording it and I can't wait to see where this crazy show is going with the story since I did see the pilot.