WWE Monday Night Raw "November 9, 2015" Review - AVClub

AVClub: When I mentioned two weeks ago that I loved seeing a tournament and that I loved seeing performers wrestler with a distinct purpose, I really, really didn’t want more of that under these circumstances. I really didn’t want to see WWE’s best in-ring performer, Seth Rollins, go down with an injury that’s going to keep him out for at least six months, and probably closer to nine. More than that, I definitely didn’t want to see him have to vacate his title, especially considering how Rollins has elevated the relative dreck he’s been dealt in terms of storylines, and especially when he was just heading into a feud with Roman Reigns that contained actual backstory and emotion.

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sonicwrecks974d ago

Shame about the Rollins injury on the plus side he'll likely have a HHH-esque return which will complete the symmetry.

And Cesaro.
Good god Cesaro worked hard in that match.