IGN Gotham: "Tonight's the Night" Review

Hey, you know what? I enjoy me some coo-coo crazy Barbara. And "Tonight's the Night" was overloaded with her nutso antics. So it was all good on that front. Plus, the storyline even seemed like it was marking Barbara's end. I mean, it felt like her elaborate Se7en-style scheme to nab Jim and make him participate in a wedding-from-hell ceremony would certainly spell out her own doom. Tabitha was there for the assist, but basically, like Jerome, she was left to twist in the wind by Theo. As Jim said, she was just a disposable pawn in the Galavan grand scheme.

But she didn't die!

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alycakes979d ago

That was a close call for Bruce Wayne but he was smart enough to say no even before he found out that Theo was no good.