Did Bradley Cooper Just Reveal The Villain Of Guardians of The Galaxy: Vol. 2


Marvel Studios may not be pleased with Bradley Cooper after seeing this video interview in which the Rocket Raccoon voice actor potentially reveals which character will be not only the main villain of the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, but also the father of Chris Pratt's Star-lord.

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darklordzor985d ago

Nope, he sure didn't. James Gunn has already gone online to say Cooper hasn't even read the script yet (and just got it).

Aldous_Snow985d ago

Psml he doesn't even know what he's talking about.

WizzroSupreme984d ago

I doubt Cooper looked at the script yet or knows what he's talking about, but it wouldn't surprise me if they went the Darth Vader route with Starlord's origin contrary to the comics, though I believe the egg theory regarding the Collector's background artifacts.

OJSoFunky984d ago

I'm surprised that Cooper knows so little about Guardians! Sounds foreign to him.

KingPin984d ago

not surprised at all.
not many people know anything about guardians. most of the audience probably only watched it coz it had marvels name slapped on it and had a couple of huge stars attached.

to bradley it was probably just a good script and he went with it not to mention the huge pay cheque.

OJSoFunky984d ago

But he would of read the script several times and seen it at premieres, i thought he'd know a bit more.

BLAKHOODe984d ago

You have to consider that Marvel comics and the Marvel cinematic universe are two very different things. I doubt Cooper knows anything about the comics, nor cares, but he's not the kind of actor that just phones it in. I can't say rather or not he has seen the script yet, but who can say he hasn't?

Spiewie 983d ago

Doesn't really say much. He gets so many roles, earlier on I thought he voiced Hendricks in Black Ops 3 but I was wrong.