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10 Ways To Make Sure The Call Of Duty Movie Doesn’t Suck


The Call Of Duty games are the biggest selling entertainment product ever, producing the kind of numbers that would put a small country to shame. They’ve become an annual global juggernaut that easily rivals the biggest movie franchises out there and it was only a matter of time before a movie version arrived.

The only real surprise is the amount of time it’s taken. Activision have been reluctant to let movie companies adapt Call Of Duty in the past, no doubt being put off by the quality of videogame to movie adaptations thus far. But they’ve finally decided to take the gamble and, if they pull it off and make a successful movie series out of the game, then they can expect to have daily money fights in the Activision offices for years to come.

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Aldous_Snow979d ago

Only need one way and that's not to bother.