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30° Doctor Who "The Zygon Inversion" Review: Everything and Nothing
In light of Osgood's return and the references to the events of "The Day Of the Doctor" in "The Zygon Inversion" and the hour that preceded it, I decided to reread my review of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special. What I found was that the way I view and watch Doctor Who now is much different from the way I viewed it then. At the time, I wrote that I didn't take the show too seriously and that I didn't look at the series as if it and its logic existed in our world. It meant I didn't judge it the same way I would a traditional drama. I still agree with that statement to an extent—I still let various plot holes go by as long as it doesn't tear a hole in the episodic structure because the show requires that suspension of disbelief—but Doctor Who is also no longer the same show it was two years ago. I loved "The Day of the Doctor" then and I still love it now, but if that episode had aired this year with Peter Capaldi instead of in 2013 and with Matt Smith, would that still be true? Probably, but "The Day of the Doctor" was also a special case, so it's probably a bad example. But even so, I also think I'd have also been kinder to most any episode of Doctor Who back then.

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