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80° Grimm "Clear and Wesen Danger" Review
That was better, right? This episode felt like a return to Grimm's strengths and while far from perfect, "Clear and Wesen Danger" was certainly channeling the good stuff in its efforts to return Nick and the gang to some kind of stability. The discomfort that permeated "The Grimm Identity" was still present, as it should be. Nick's life hasn't been so dramatically altered since his Grimm legacy was revealed and the saddest part is that in the end, Aunt Marie's warnings about the dangers of trying to have family and normalcy in their life were proven right. Nick, Juliette, and their occasionally warring Wesen allies made such positive progress over the course of the previous four seasons. It was really starting to look like the dark ages of the Royal oppression and the threat of constant Grimm vs. Wesen violence were starting to give way to a brave new world—one where there was a place for all of these different groups to peacefully, or at least tolerably, coexist.

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alycakes981d ago

Great episode and now they are at least familiar with what they are dealing with or they saw it and killed it but it seems that it's just the beginning. There is never a dull moment here at Grimm and to tell you the truth I can't wait to find out if Nick's baby is a Grimm or a Hexon Beast.....!