IGN Homeland: "Parabiosis" Review

Homeland, "Parabiosis," as the double-cross being arranged by Allison has kicked into gear and put our favorite furry CIA boss on the defensive. And, you know, there’s really no such thing as too much Saul.

It all starts with a stone-faced Saul not giving an inch to Carrie, which was really a bit sad considering their past relationship. We’ve known the two are on bad terms all season, but for her to come to him under such dire circumstances -- someone within the agency ordered her killed! -- and for Saul to basically refuse to help, well, that hurts (both Carrie and us). “There's a line between us that you drew,” he says. “Forget that. It's a f#@king wall.” That’s why the final moments of the episode are so effective, as Saul -- having finally realized Carrie was right -- reached out to his former friend and protégé, and we saw that look on Carrie’s face. She really, really needed that, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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