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IGN The Walking Dead: "Now" Review

"Now" was basically the episode I was slightly dreading following the big Glenn fake-out back in "Thank You." And also, by default, a big reason why I was so open to last week's Morgan flashback chapter, despite it happening at a time when fans had been worked into a frenzy and were demanding immediate answers.

As I'd mentioned, due to reasons stemming from Robert Kirkman's own comic pages, I anticipated Glenn being gone for a few episodes and for the situation not to get resolved right away. I pegged it at at least two episodes. And, in my mind, last week's "Here's Not Here," despite not taking place in the present storyline (much), took up one of the "buffer episodes" I'd anticipated. It counted as "time away from Glenn." So my hope is now, after "Now," that this will be it. I'm not certain by any means, but it'd be nice if this was the only true in-between chapter.

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alycakes981d ago

Well, last night told us a lot. Maggie is pregnant so all those who articles about whether Glenn is coming back or not were just playing with everyone's mind. Part of him is coming back in the baby she's having and I'll bet that's all they meant.

Soldierone979d ago

I have to admit though, the way she announced it was so strange. She goes off on a rant, then in the middle "im pregnant..." then goes back to ranting haha

I had to do a double take and go "did she just say?" and my girlfriend goes "I think so."

alycakes979d ago

I know that was strange. I read on TV Guide that we will find out exactly what happened to Glenn and whether he's dead or alive it will send shockwaves thoughout the whole community and it will not only be felt hard by the ones close to him but by all the survivors for years to come......sounds ominous....doesn't it?

RetrospectRealm979d ago

Wasn't there something where they revealed it earlier in the season? I was shocked that everyone else was shocked. I was like "Wtf, I thought we already knew this?" I can't exactly remember the exchanged though.

Aldous_Snow981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

Good episode though the previous one was awesome with Eastman and Morgan. Made me sad that Eastman died. I like the actor who plays him but always forget his name. Been in lots of stuff..

Anyway, what was with the ending? Was it blood seeping through a hole or was it dripping from above? I looked away for a second so didnt catch it all... If there is blood coming through a pin sized hole I dont see how its significant. Its hardly a weakness in the fencing..

Soldierone979d ago

It was coming through the hole. I was confused on what it meant too. They didn't explain it in Talking Dead either.

RetrospectRealm979d ago

They did talk about it in Talking Dead. They said it's blood seeping through the wall and Levi said he thinks they're just crushing their heads against the wall.

corroios980d ago

They are crushing the wall. It will not hold all the zombies.

wheatley980d ago

Yeah what corroios said, the zombies are crushing each other against the wall, the blood seeping through shows there's a gap and could be widen with enough force.

OJSoFunky979d ago

Mediocre episode for me, thought the Maggie stuff was very repetitive and i'm pissed they're keeping this Glenn thing a mystery when he is obviously alive.

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