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Toy Story That Time Forgot Blu-ray Review | The Reel Roundup

TRR: If there's one movie that's become synonymous with the Pixar name, it's their very first feature, 1995's Toy Story. Now, twenty years, two sequels and one TV special later comes Toy Story That Time Forgot, a new short that finds Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen), Rex (Wallace Shawn), Toy Story 3's Trixie (Kristen Schaal) and new character Angel Kitty (Emma Hudak) accompanying their owner Bonnie to her friend Mason's house for a post-Christmas play date. Unfortunately, once they get there, Bonnie abandons them to play with Mason's brand-new video game system, and the five pals come face-to-face with Mason's other Christmas presents, the Battlesaurs. Things turn ugly, however, when the Battlesaurs' power-hungry leader, The Cleric (writer/director Steve Purcell), takes Woody, Buzz, Rex and Angel Kitty captive, leaving it up to Trixie and a brave-but-confused Battlesaur warrior known as Reptillus Maximus (Kevin McKidd) to save the day. So, how does Toy Story That Time Forgot stack up to the previous three full-length Toy Story adventures? It may be barely one quarter the length of your average movie, but the short has plenty of humor, charm and heart to go around. From the animation to the voice acting, everything here feels like classic Toy Story. This also happens to be yet another top-notch Disney/Pixar Blu-ray presentation, and Toy Story fans young and old won't want to pass up this opportunity to see their favorite characters again.

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