Ranked: Every James Bond Title Sequence

From Cinelinx:

The Bond title sequences are an important tradition for the franchise. Join us as we count them down from worst to best.

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darklordzor957d ago

Haven't checked out Spectre yet. I loved Skyfall and getting bummed by some of the reviews.

alycakes957d ago

I liked it a lot but go to see a movie for entertainment and get involved with the story and followed the characters with what they are doing and why they are doing it. I thought it was great. It was a follow thru from Skyfall in a way and to me it meant something....kind of a tribute to Bond's past and the former M if your get what I mean. If you feel different when you see it let me know.

Yi-Long957d ago

I absolutely LOVED SPECTRE, until the ridiculous last 30-40 minutes, which pretty much ruined the whole movie for me.

annoyedgamer957d ago

Its good, don't expect anything mindblowing or you will be let down but it is definitely one of the best films of the year.

coolbeans956d ago

It's a definite drop in quality from Skyfall, like how Quantum was to Casino Royale. Worth a watch and has some cool stylized moments but some of the story and action are a letdown.

bluegoblin956d ago

You should watch it. I enjoyed spectre quite a lot actually. I really dont get all the hate it is getting. Sure it isnt the best bond film of all time but it sure as hell isnt bad.

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C_Menz956d ago

I thought Spectre was great. Took a little for me to catch up and remember everything from Skyfall but once it all "clicked" the movie was excellent. I do agree that part of the last segment of the movie felt misplaced since it felt different than the other 90% of the movie.

Outside of that the overall tone and presentation felt appropriate after Skyfall and in a way was a "darker" bond film in a way while still upholding Bond's image.

WizzroSupreme956d ago

Spectre's got one of the best songs and opening sequences, but it slowly decays from there as a piece of cinema, though it's a consistently by-the-numbers Bond flick for those who prefer that to Skyfall's grittier edge. Still love Casino Royale's opening number the best.

Spiewie 955d ago

I have only seen 3 or 4 Bond movies. Not old enough for some haha.