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Amazon Reveals Who Finn Is In The Force Awakens

Rumors have been circulating for quite a while, so we can add another one to that list for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Finn (John Boyega) is the latest header in this rumor and apparently, this one gives away who he is. So MAJOR spoilers.

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warrendeath981d ago

The irony...

It is a horrible rumor but you never know. I doubt it. I really do.

darklordzor981d ago

No, it really doesn't. It's a random seller, not official.

OJSoFunky980d ago

This is sooooo fake, also was on Amazon weeks ago and saw it, old news.

MilkMan980d ago

Wow, that's a MAJOR spoiler if its true. This is all about fathers and son's (as it always has been) but this came out of left field for me at least.
Damn Amazon, Y U Do this?

Spiewie 977d ago

Too much hype over Star Wars. I'll watch it just for the sake of watching it but I'm not too excited about it.