Joblo | 'Spectre' Review


Spectre falls into the same trap that befell The Dark Knight Rises. Following hot-on-the-heels of an entry that won critical acclaim, shattered box office records, and put a fresh new spin on the established James Bond mythos, Spectre, for all of its own merits, inevitably pales in comparison to Skyfall. While clearly director Sam Mendes and his team of writers (including John Logan) didn't have the same strong take on the material that they did with the last one, they've still made a more-than-respectable 007-outing in its own right, with occasional flashes of artistry and inspiration that are truly dazzling.

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WizzroSupreme985d ago

Liked Spectre a good bunch, but sure no Skyfall and that's not too bad a thing. A shame that the movie progressively dries out and Christoph Waltz is dealt a very short hand. But Craig is already my fav Bond by now.