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Amy Pascal Wins Zoe Quinn’s Gamergate Memoir ‘Crash Override’


Amy Pascal’s Pascal Pictures has won a bidding battle for Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself, a memoir by game designer Zoe Quinn that sold to Touchstone/Simon & Schuster and will be published September, 2016. The property was bid on by several studios and TV outlets, and several actresses are circling, with interest from Scarlett Johansson said to be keenest.

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RetrospectRealm981d ago

Who is creating all of these generic tags? This one could've just been "Crash Override". "Film Adaption" was not needed.

-Foxtrot980d ago

You have got to be shitting me...this is a joke right

Zoe "woe is me" Quinn exploited GG, turned it into something it's not and now has made money off selling something which is going to pass on the message that GG was actually something it wasn't

It was never about sexism or misogynists, it was about her corrupt, slutty way of getting to the top in the industry and then once people found out and called her out for it she was busted.

Soldierone979d ago

I really hope this bombs as miserably as it possibly can.

WizzroSupreme979d ago

I'm looking forward to this. Besides just Scar Jo, a movie about this sure seems to expose the trolls for what they are.

-Foxtrot979d ago

Trolls? I doubt this movie will will expose Anita and Zoe for what they are