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5 Directors Who Should Tackle Bond

After the huge commercial and critical success of Skyfall and Spectre, Sam Mendes has proven that thinking out of the box when choosing a director to head Bond, can breathe new life into the franchise. Now with the likelihood that Sam Mendes won’t be returning for a third outing, the franchise will once again be looking for a new director. With some pretty large shoes to fill, I thought I’d take a look at who could possibly take the reigns and build on the franchise’s recent success.

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ajax17983d ago

NO TO ALL OF THESE!! Edgar Wright should direct a Bond movie! He really has a unique vision for action and goofiness. He would be a great Bond director!!!

RetrospectRealm983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

It seems that when a movie needs a director, people just of five good directors and say they should do it. I remember seeing Danny Boyle's name in a "Star Wars Episode 7 Director Wishlist". The hell?

Even so, I actually think Nolan would be a fantastic pick. Apparently he loves Bond films too. I'd rather see him do this than Akira.

Aldous_Snow982d ago (Edited 982d ago )

Quentin Tarantino!!! With Samuel L Jackson as Bond Villian lol

Can see it now :)

WizzroSupreme981d ago

I'd love to see what the Russo Brothers could do for Bond, despite their short track record.