Brief Glimpse of Superman in New Supergirl Sneak Preview

CB: Well, that didn't take long. Apparently at the end of that new Supergirl clip featuring Reactron and Supergirl fighting (and Reactron gaining the upper hand) - it's a job for Superman.

Only a few episodes into the series run, Superman has been mentioned during each, but it looks like we'll be getting at least an all-CGI glimpse of the Man of Steel, as seen in this GlobalTV promo for this coming Monday's episode.

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-Foxtrot925d ago

That didn't take long

Got to add more Superman if they don't want to be cancelled /s

RetrospectRealm925d ago

It got 12 mil and 8 mil viewers in both episodes. I see the /s but I don't get the joke since it has a great viewership thus far.

-Foxtrot925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

It will continue to drop up to the point where even if it looks "good" to us it won't to CBS with how much they spend on making this

RetrospectRealm925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

I think you're confusing CBS with NBC. NBC is the one that cancels good shows. Constantine and Hannibal were on NBC, not CBS.

Porcelain_Chicken924d ago

Speaking of which I loved Hannibal. Constantine was growing on me aswell. Dammit NBC...

SarcasticDuck924d ago

remembering that they are not allowed to show more than this because of the movie's superman!

OJSoFunky924d ago

If they are including Superman i hope they don't hide him like they did in the first episode.

Spiewie 921d ago

Ahh very skeptical about this movie. They such just stick to Superman in my opinion. Next they'll be bringing out Superboy and Superdog.