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Nathan For You "Sporting Goods Store/Antique Shop" Review - AVClub

AVClub: The Nathan Fielder of Nathan For You doesn’t have a way with words in a general sense, but he wields one word with surgical precision: okay. Nathan says “Okay” quite a bit in “Sporting Goods Store/Antique Shop,” particularly in the first segment, and each reading is a shade different than the one that came before. He has an “okay” for every occasion. There’s one that means “If you insist,” another that means “If you really insist,” and another that means “I call bullshit, but we’ve got a television show to make.” Nathan’s array of okay is actually a pretty neat encapsulation of Nathan For You, the comedy equivalent of the Milgram experiment. Under the right circumstances, people will acquiesce to any authoritative command.

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