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Master Of None "Plan B" Review - AVClub

AVClub: On paper, Aziz Ansari’s Dev isn’t entirely dissimilar from Ansari’s Parks And Recreation character Tom Haverford. He loves gnocchi and gelato and bounce houses. But Tom was a manchild painted in broad strokes. He was an over-the-top parody, and the extremity of his foolishness often made the character grating. With his new Netflix series Master Of None, Ansari gets to play a much more grounded character. Dev allows Ansari to show more range and play with more emotional complexity than his role on Parks ever allowed. If his stand-up is any indication, he’s playing quite close to himself. With Master Of None, Ansari joins the club of television’s auteurs, and he proves quite quickly that he has the depth and potency to lead a show.

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