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Please Like Me "Natural Spring Water" Review - AVClub

AVClub: I love the way “Natural Spring Water” expands and contracts. It starts with an overhead shot of a hand holding three capsules containing potentially untrustworthy MDMA Tom got from somewhere unseen. They’re the seeds from which almost everything that happens grows. The fabulous Ella (Emily Barclay) joins the group on her own, but Alan and Mae enter the story directly because Tom’s high. Their first scene ends with Alan hurrying off the phone because he’s so sure he’s reconnecting with Mae while Mae is getting dressed, stopping that reconnection at the first opportunity. That’s what causes them both to rejoin the story toward the end. As the night goes on, things naturally dissipate until the final shot, which gives us another unifying image, Alan’s car come to scoop up the partiers. The rise and fall is how so many nights go.

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