Master Of None "Parents" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Ever since it was announced that Aziz Ansari had tapped his own parents, Fatima and Shoukath Ansari, to play his fictional character Dev’s parents on his show, I’ve looked forward to seeing how exactly this would pan out. “I found my father to be uniquely funny in the role,” Ansari said at Master Of None’s Television Critics Association panel. “Parents” proves that to be true. Shoukath is funny from the moment he steps on screen, but he’s even better when playing off Fatima. “No one else felt like my real mom,” Ansari added at the panel, which also makes a lot of sense after seeing her in this episode. She’s stern and playful all at once, and her delivery of “no, you just took one long video” took me by surprise with just how funny it was. There’s of course something to be said about the authenticity of the casting decision. Even though Ansari’s parents are still playing characters and telling stories that might not necessarily be their own, all of the relationship dynamics are imbued with honesty. There’s depth to Dev’s parents, who really are their own characters within the episode instead of just ideas for Dev to bounce his ideas about generational divides off of.

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