Daniel Craig May Return to James Bond After All

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, James Bond Producer Michael G. Wilson has said that he expects Daniel Craig to reprise his role as James Bond in the series’ 25th outing.

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Aldous_Snow805d ago

Good. Don't need to change yet.

OJSoFunky805d ago

Don't know how they'll make the story work for Craig to come back, had a nice end for his character.

RetrospectRealm804d ago

End for his character? James Bond is his character. He will never have an end...

OJSoFunky804d ago

The way it ended it felt like they wrapped it up, of course they can easily rope him back in, but i wonder what the reasoning would be. Could be bullshit if done wrong.

RetrospectRealm804d ago

They've been making these films for more than 50 years. James Bond doesn't end here...

OJSoFunky804d ago

Obviously, i'm just saying i think CRAIG's bond could end here.

ajax17804d ago

I swear I read he was under contract to do 5 films from the beginning.

vanethe804d ago

Specter was good , but very safe and a bit long.But he's great in it.

Yi-Long804d ago

SPECTRE was great until around the last 30-40 minutes, and then it all fell completely apart for me. Ridiculous identity and motivation of the villain, ridiculous London finale in all aspects.