10 Moments From the Warcraft Movie Trailer That Popped the Lid Off Hype Cans

The Warcraft movie finally got a trailer today during Blizzcon’s opening ceremony. Naturally, fans of Warcraft have taken to the internet to rejoice (or scoff) the momentous occasion. The trailer was filled with plenty of action, talking, and fading to black. Here are just some of the moments that made the trailer an epic fan service.

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Crispyleeks986d ago

This looks so good!!! Can't wait to watch it now.

WelkinCole985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

Yeah me too. Bet you so many wow will not be happy though because they wont see the night elfs lol!

ZaWarudo986d ago

Might as well make it full CGI. It would look better.

ChrisW986d ago

I will wait for the reviews before I can say that I'm wholeheartedly excited... With that in mind, I would be surprised if the movie gets more than 50/100 on Metacritic.

RetrospectRealm986d ago

Lol Who goes by Metacritic scores?

thekhurg985d ago

People that are incapable of forming their own opinions on stuff.

gunnerforlife985d ago

i do! i have seen so many movies with amazing trailers just to be left to regret i paid 9£ for a ticket.

ChrisW985d ago

Seriously? I guess it takes a bit of intelligence to understand a comprehensive scoring system and how to use it in conjunction with your own preconceived opinion. Nonetheless, I guess you aren't that much of a dimwit. Using things like Metacritic can be misleading. I have hated movies that scored high and I have loved movies that scored low. But, seemingly unlike you, I don't walk a way bitter and swear off using such review systems.

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