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TVF The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 7 Review: The Spock Resonance

I really didn't need to see Sheldon become heartbroken all over again.

On The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 7 Sheldon becomes emotional about having lost Amy as he discusses the character of Spock for a special documentary.

What better way for Sheldon to confront his true feelings than by comparing himself with the master of hiding them? "The Spock Resonance" is a way for Sheldon to learn something about himself, while also paying tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy. That alone is enough reason to enjoy this episode.

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alycakes985d ago

The first time Amy broke up with Sheldon I didn't feel sorry for him at all because he still had not learned what it takes to be a proper boyfriend and I understood where she was coming from. Last night however I actually felt a little sorry for him. I think he's finally getting it. Better late than never.