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TVF Elementary Review: The Past is Parent

Welcome back, fellow Sherlockians! It is my pleasure to cover Elementary this season, and what a way to kick things off than with Elementary Season 4 Episode 1!

The wit came fast and furious in "The Past is Parent," particularly from Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock. He was on fire in this episode! Fortunately not literally, especially given all the trouble he's been enduring over his rather large mistakes of the end of last season.

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alycakes933d ago

This was a great premiere for them. It starts a new path that they will have to take and I can't wait to see where it takes them.

TheSaint932d ago

Going to miss Bell and Gregson though, two really good characters.

Hope they work them in somehow.

alycakes932d ago

I think something will happen that will bring them back together.