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Japanese The Force Awakens Trailer is Loaded With New Footage

From Cinelinx:

If the last Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer left you itching for more incredible footage, then you're in for some surprisingly good luck. A new international trailer for the film has released in Japan and features a bunch of new scenes.

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darklordzor984d ago

Holy shit! I think this one is even better than the US version we got! Can't stop watching it.

ifinitygamer984d ago

This is actually the best of the Star Wars trailers so far. Lots of tense moments. Love it.

Software_Lover984d ago

I'm guessing........... the black guy dies lol.

Stringerbell984d ago

Sigh... I mean come on JJ this looks li-

Wait a minute, who am I kidding this looks awesome!

Put it this way, the prequels had legit villains, problem was the films didnt know how to handle them.

Darth Maul killed off way too quickly, his character design was great but he had 2-3 lines and bam cut in half au revoir...

Grevious... oh boy. Anyone who saw the Clone Wars knew how bad ass this guy was but when it came time for the films, we get a coughing robot. I mean if you saw the cartoon you knew why he was coughing but that isn't what the average film goer saw.

Doku, I'll take a page out of Mike Nichols book (creator of the Phantom Edit). Doku as a character would have been so much better if he actually believed in the Separatist's cause and for a minute in the film thats how he's portrayed. But no sooner than that is proposed its reveled thats he's just another shallow bad guy whose strings are being pulled by Palpatine.

Long story short, I'm excited for a legit bad guy in Star Wars once again. Fingers crossed Kylo Ren does not disappoint!

aDDicteD982d ago

This Japanese trailer is loaded with more action, bb8 and chewie surprisingly steals the scenes. The US version is more superior as it has the spine tingling moment when they played the tone when Han was talking to Rey and Finn.