Heroes Reborn "June 13th – Part Two" Review - AVClub

AVClub: After a refreshing uptick in energy and creativity in “June 13th – Part One,” the follow-up returns to the doldrums of earlier episodes with an installment utterly lacking in both. While it manages to come up with a good answer to a question many wondered if it would even address, what caused Claire’s ability to malfunction and let her die, the rest of “June 13th – Part Two” features one scene after another of exposition and place-setting, retreading familiar ground in the hopes of preserving audience engagement once Noah returns to the present. The series wants to have its cake and eat it, maintaining most of the disparate storylines from the first part of the season while significantly (and sloppily) altering Noah’s. The result is an hour of mostly filler that commits the cardinal sin of moment-based storytelling: It’s boring.

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