The Flash: Enter Zoom Photos Released

CB: The CW has released a large gallery of official photos from The Flash next episode, "Enter Zoom."

It looks like after weeks of sending other villains to do his dirty work, we'll be meeting Zoom in a much more significant way next week, if these images are anything to say about it.

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OJSoFunky1081d ago

Interesting look for Zoom, intrigued to find out who he is!

TheSaint1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

I don't know this for a fact but I reckon

(SPOILERS, maybe)

it's Barry Allen, or at least his evil double from the alt Earth.

We've had Wells come over as a good (ish) version. So I think it'll be Barry as Zoom.

DarkBlood1081d ago

i think zoom looks a bit more scary if i didnt see his face clearly