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Drunk History "New Mexico" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Has there ever been a stranger Drunk History segment than The Killing Of Lobo The King Of Currumpaw? When narrator Mike Still sat down with his vodka soda with 75 limes in it and said we’d be talking about about one of the founders of the Boy Scouts Of America, I had no idea just how batshit of a story we were in for. Well, the story itself is quite simple: Ernest Thompson Seton travels to New Mexico to hunt down Lobo, a seemingly invincible wolf who’s causing a lot of problems for locals. In the Drunk History retelling, Lobo and his super hot wolf girlfriend Blanca are characters just as much as Seton (played by Colin Hanks). Someone made the call to stick Derek Waters himself in a ridiculous wolf costume that looks like it’s straight out of the musical Cats but, you know, a wolf.

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