Empire "A High Hope For A Low Heaven" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Like many successful pop songs, Empire has a great beat and terrible lyrics. Unlike most successful pop songs, its tempo is completely out of whack, and it’s glaringly obvious. It’s like if Adele’s “Hello” was performed at the speed of Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out Of Heaven.” It would feel very palpably like the song was supposed to be slower than it is. Empire’s music usually sounds great, but its story sounds like tinny triple-speed with chipmunk voices. “Be True” ended with Hakeem being kidnapped and tossed in a van, then Fox scheduled a week between episodes, which allowed Empire’s most potent cliffhanger of the season to hang in the air a bit longer. But for all that anticipation, the story fizzles out almost immediately. By the end of “A High Hope For A Low Heaven,” not only is Hakeem back home, he’s effectively worked through the trauma of having been kidnapped in the first place. That all happened in an hour of television that depicted a matter of, what, several days?

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