‘Victor Frankenstein': James McAvoy Talks Monster Science & Punching Daniel Radcliffe


James McAvoy was borne to play Victor Frankenstein. There’s a madness in much of the actor’s best work – perfectly encapsulated in Wanted, Trance & Filth. Even as the pillar of stability, Professor X, there’s a twinge of crazy lurking just beneath the facade. In person, McAvoy, unsurprisingly, is a gregarious sort – going off for ten-minutes on any subject, talking a mile a minute, gesticulating wildly, laughing, peppering the convo with a bevy of cusses… The genius mad-scientist with crazy hair and a penchant for shouting and dramatic exclamations – yes, this is a good fit for James McAvoy.

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OJSoFunky932d ago

Eagerly anticipating this one.