TVF Code Black Season 1 Episode 6 Review: In Extremis

Love is love. But it also comes in a variety of forms.

On Code Black Season 1 Episode 6, it seemed like nobody was seeing eye to eye. While Jesse and Leanne had a tiff over differing perceptions of a patient, Cole and Rollie continued to stew in their inability to communicate with one another. Meanwhile, nothing was easy for Malaya this shift.

The police shooting and Leanne's relationship with the police officer clearly dominated the story of "In Extremis." The case kept getting more complicated as more patients were rolled in – not just medically, but ethically.

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alycakes988d ago

This has become one of our favorite shows on tv now. My husband and I love to watch it on Wednesday nights. He's very squeamish but he watches anyway. It's very true to life and the stories can get to you but the characters are great.