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50° Arrow "Haunted" Review: Back to the Here and Now
Before I dig into "Haunted"—not that there's a huge amount to dig into since the episode was still stuck in hashing out the emotional aspects of Sara's return, and the show was still unable to find much character traction—I wanted to just sort of marvel at the state of TV today. Shared narrative universes on TV really aren't a new thing; technically, Love, American Style is the mother universe of Happy Days, and that show spun off five other sitcoms. The Practice, Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, and Boston Public are all in the same David E. Kelley universe. I mean, when you just stop and think about about how John Munch has been a character on Homicide, Law & Order: SVU, The Wire, and The X-Files (just to name dramas Munch has appeared in), then John Constantine jumping from his canceled NBC show doesn't really seem that impressive (and I'm not even wading into of the Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis).

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alycakes955d ago

I was so happy to see Constantine and I thought he was a great addition to this weeks episode. I hope they find other reasons to bring him back and if the ratings were good maybe put him on other shows or pick him up on an other network.