New Details Emerge For The Witcher Film Adaptation

The untitled film based on the Witcher franchise has officially received a production studio as well as a director.

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OJSoFunky988d ago

This is prime material for a film, hope it gets a good director/writer on board.

HRoach616988d ago

I have a feeling this is going down the wrong production path. The production company that made the mummy series? Really? All those sucked imho. This series has crazy potential. I went and ready the original novel the series was based on. That's good reading. Such interesting material.

I see this being another movie with a similar tone to the first hitman movie. Or the prince of Persia movie. Not good either way sadly.

But I feel like it should be handled as a slower, darker, more mature film. With epic dialogue between Geralt and whatever he's hunting at the moment. In the novel the conversations he has some some of the monsters are pretty interesting. I'm thinking a tone similar to Kingdom of heaven but with more supernatural obviously. Maybe that's a bad description. But it makes sense in my head...