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"Devil's Night" is the best episode of American Horror Story: Hotel yet. It's always a pleasant surprise when a show can elevate itself and truly live up to its namesake, providing real horror every so often.

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Aldous_Snow989d ago

Watched the first 2 episodes so far. Bloody love it but that scene in the 1st episode with the junkie was pretty horrific lol Definitely one of the most messed up things I've sen over the 5 seasons so far.

dunnyone989d ago

Compared to last season, this is a brilliant return to form.

Aldous_Snow989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

Really? I thought freak show was the best one, followed by asylum, coven, then murder house. Pepper is definitely my favourite character throughout the entire thing. Love her lol

Watched all 5 episodes so far in hotel now. Could be the best season yet, depending on how it plays out... But we'll see.