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Joblo | 'Gotham: Mommy's Little Monster' Review


Another strong episode from the new season of Gotham with the focus remaining on Galavan's master plan as well as the further growth of both Penguin and The Riddler. I definitely like that Nygma is growing right under the nose of the GCPD, but it does bother me that Jim Gordon cannot spot a bad guy unless he has a gun pointed at him. Gordon continues to be one of the weaker characters in my opinion but at least we got some more Bullock in this hour. I continue to find myself wanting to know where things will go with all of these plot threads and feel more invested than ever in what comes next. The biggest waste this week was Harvey Dent who merely showed up for two scenes just to deliver a pair of lines to move the plot forward. The showrunners need to take a cue from The Dark Knight and build Dent to be more of a hero than a loose cannon.

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-Foxtrot983d ago

They've made Gordon really stupid in this, he's supposed to be a smart detective and things just go right over his head