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10 Greatest Horror Movies Of The 21st Century


While it may seem like the true masterworks (like The Exorcist and The Shining) are firmly tucked away in decades past, and that the modern era is just an endless generic stream of cinema and supermarket DVD shelf fodder, the 21st century has actually produced some of the best horror movies you’re ever likely to see. In short, we are living in a Golden Age of horror cinema, and I can prove it.

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Aldous_Snow986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

Half of those are shit. Shaun of the Dead is amazing but its hardly a horror movie.

Rec is an excellent movie. However, the 4th Rec was rubbish. They messed everything up. They turned what started off as a demonic "plague" into some kind of man made virus without a proper explanation, or one that I missed or didn't understand.

First 2 recs were great, 3rd went left field and didn't really need to happen and the 4th was a shit end to the franchise.